William Anastasi

William Anastasi (1933-2023)


William Anastasi, born 1933 in Philadelphia, is considered to be one of the founders of both Conceptual and Minimal Art. During the sixties Anastasi was reprensented by Virginia Dwan Gallery in New York, among others like Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris and Carl Andre. Although the focus was not on him, Anastasi has created relevant works before the respective movement were named.
His works deal with the central themes of Conceptualism: the theme of tautology, erasure of boundaries and dematerialization.

In addition to drawings, photographs and prints a number of videos documenting the originating process of his works will be on view. Like the ”Subway Drawings” that Anastasi has created while riding to his daily chess game with John Cage. Sitting with a pencil in each hand and a drawing board on his lap the artist with eyes closed allows the rhythm of the moving train – its starts, stops and turns, accelerations and decelerations – to be transformed into lines on paper. The drawings express the physicality also becomes apparent in his drawing ”Burst”. This dynamic outward pressing kind of ”eruption” on the paper was made by Anastasi blindfolded. Furthermore, relevant literature will point out Anastasi ́s literary work. His interest in works by James Joyce or Alfred Jarry and his personal contact with writers and musicians

William Anastasi has since 1988 exhibited through Stalke Galleri.


SIZE 53x35 MM (10 PRINT SHEETS+12 no Perforation)

G103A   DONALD DUCK          ED 1512

G103B   SELF PORTRAIT         ED 900

G103C   ISSUE                       ED 600

G103D   JOHN CAGE               ED 900

FIRST DAY COVER                  ED 26 EACH.