The earliest two--the gold goose eggshell and the birds mating on a Zen Archer`s target are from my 1969 installation titled Plain Air. Live birds were given free reign of the studio. A target was placed on the floor below a bicycle wheel hung as a perch. Zen Archer`s find a bullseye irrelevant. Canvas nests were added when the piece was recreated--at Sandra Gering Gallery, New York, 1989, The Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, 1990 and PS 1 Contemporary Art in New York, 1991. The egg that was hatched in the original installation prompted the casting of the two halves of an eggshell in bronze. In the 80s silver and gold casts were made, each time breaking a new egg. The work`s title Series, Nothing nods to Zen`s `success is dust.` In 2000 the first goose egg shell cast in gold ecchoes the ancient tale about the goose laying the golden egg,

2 √ 0 [waterclock and level], is a 1971 sculpture originally designed as an invention to function vertically as a clock, horizontally as a level. Left uncalibrated it failed as a scientific instrument, but in time became a work resisting the assumption that space and time are measurable. The title is a nonsense mathematical formula also drawing attention to the futility of definitions.

You Skull See is a self-portrait in a mirror. The title is from Finnegans Wake.

For Herself in the Element, the body elements are tattoed on a woman`s back in descending proportion by weight. Oxygen, represented by the letter "O"on the periodic table, circles her neck. The title is also from Finnegans Wake.

PUBLISHED  3.11.2010

SIZE  39X30 MMAND  37X53 MM

G15A      NOTHING 1, SERIES  2000                                      ED1050

G15AZ    NOTHING 1, SERIES  2000                                      ED   700

G15AZX  NOTHING 1, SERIES  2000                                      ED 750TYPE II

G16A      YOUR SKULL SEE                                                    ED 750

G16AZ    YOUR SKULL SEE                                                    ED 500

G16AZX  YOUR SKULL SEE                                                    ED 500TYPE II , DARK BLUE

G17A      HERSELF IN THE ELEMENT                                      ED1000

G17AZ    HERSELF IN THE ELEMENT                                      ED700

G17AZX  HERSELF IN THE ELEMENT                                      ED1200TYPE II

G17AZXYWITHOUT RE                                                          ED IN ARTED  48TYPE II, (MORE LIGHT)

G18A2    v0                                                                         ED 500

G18AZ2  v0                                                                         ED 400

G18AZx   2v0                                                                       ED 400TYPE II

G19A      PLAIN AIR                                                              ED2100

G19AZ    PLAIN AIR                                                              ED 700

G19AZX  PLAIN AIR                                                              ED 750TYPE II

G15A+G19A     FIRST DAY COVER  ED               32  SIGN

G16A  - G18A   FIRST DAY COVER  ED               24 SIGN

G15AZ-G19Z    FIRST DAY COVER  ED                24 SIGN   (COM)


G104A   UNTITLED                 ED 1512

G104B   NEGATIVE ICONS ll    ED1512

G104C   ANGLE PAINTING      ED 1512

G104D   UNTITLED                ED 1260

FIRST DAY COVER                  ED 26 EACH.

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