Artstamp.dk was established in 2007, as an alternative art project in relation to my more traditional works of art. With Artstamp.dk I wish to both challenge the classical stamp and the frames for the concept of art.

The artstamps are produced in very small editions and are independent ”miniature works of art”. On the day of publishing, when the art stamps are publicly accessible, they will also exist as ”first day cover” in limited editions.

The classical stamp can be considered as an effective means of propaganda and has also been and is being used as such. The motifs in my artstamp are typical for stamps; a nationalistic and idealised presentation, but with a twist - making the presentation ambiguous and playing with the idea of the nationalistic.

Artstamp.dk is not just about publishing stamps, but also about the function of the stamp. A part of my project is therefore an enquiry about what happens when letters with art stamps are sent all over the world, crossing national frontiers. Will fhilatelists accept them? Will the art world take an interest? Will a third kind of collector, finding this concept interesting, arise? Artstamp.dk questions the reality, we are all part of and take for granted.