Aknowledging, as he does, his debt to the age-old traditions of art, Frithioff Johansen has works with the classic materials used in painting, sculpture and graphic art. His own inherent curiosity has, nonetheless, taken him a long way, in terms of trying out new  forms of impressions. Science and technology have provided one of the main sources of his inspiration for his work for many years.

Johansen has won international renown for his work with lasers and holograms. His magnum opus to date is probably the laser sculpture "Chaos Temple" which has become something of a symbol for the town of Holstebro. Other major works include the tower sculpture "Sfirot" in the town hall square in Billund,  "A Kind of Entropy" at the Flakkebjerg Research Institute, "The Virtual 'A'" in Kolding and the light sculpture "VD" in Skanderborg.  All these works include moderne technological tools such as computer work, lasers, holograms, fibre optics and LED light.

This stamp is inspired by recursivity. In a Dutch university's mathematical class you may be entertained by the metaphorical concept "The Droste effect". It refers to cocoa packing with a picture of a nurse with a tray with a cocoa packing with a nurse etc. In Denmark we are tought  "The Ota Solgryn effect"  by former professor Flemming Topsoe , who used an old oatmeal packing showing a running boy carrying an oatmeal packing with a picture of a boy etc. Have a look at:

Well - here we have a stamp with a picture of a stamp with a picture of … etc.


PUBLISHED 1.9.2011

SIZE  37X53MM (MINI ARK 83X100

G32                                       ED1250

G32 AF     MINI SHEETS          ED 120


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