The artist Snorri Ásmundsson has often been called the disobedient child (enfant terrible) of the Icelandic art scene. He is seen by many as the artwork itself and a living social sculpture since he often uses his own person or presence in his work. His artwork reflects a uniquely iconoclastic thinking and relativistic speculation that has attracted much attention in Iceland and abroad. With his grandstand performances such as the 2004 Icelandic presidential candidacy, his daring interpretation of the national anthem of Israel, as well as his own auto-crucifixion and sale of indulgence letters - he has shaken up the community with challenging questions. Painting as a medium is, however, very important to him. His first art exhibition with paintings was in July 1996. He respects the canvas and finds painting to be an immortal and an intensely spiritual medium, especially because of the healing matter he puts into his work. He considers himself to be the best painter in Iceland, one of the five best painters in the world, and the best pianist in Europe. These statements, however, are controversial.


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