NEW Artstamp

NEW is excited to present a set of six new stamps by Los Angeles artist Michael Coughlan.

These new stamps include images taken from Coughlan’s suite of charcoal drawings Laconic Distillations - Psychic Landscape Series. 

In these works Coughlan continues his exploration of material and form, combining art historical and cultural tropes as filtered through his own idiosyncratic sensibility. The resulting images have a psychological tension, immediacy, and sense of humor that can be seen as an attempt to describe and deconstruct a contemporary human condition. 

More than simply hybrids or blends of modernism, surrealism or conceptual art, Coughlan’s work moves beyond tribute iconography by tapping his existing surroundings in Los Angeles and own mortality. Lost desert landscapes unfold with new meaning when the literal translation of content or glorified remembrance of a specific art style is emptied out, jiggled up and poured back in.

Michael Coughlan’s solo exhibitions have been seen in Europe, Los Angeles and New York. He earned an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts in 1991 and a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design for Painting in 1988. He is the recipient of a Pollack Krasner Foundation grant (1996) and was a resident artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida 2011.

Michael Coughlan has exhibited several times at Stalke Gallery over the years.




G109A-E   EDITION 280

FIRST DAY COVER                  ED 18 EACH.

Thorbjørn Lausten New Artstamp, Edition 40 Print Sheets, Die Field is based on aleatoric ”randomness”, where each individual part or sign has been
brought into being by throwing a die. The die`s six sides have been reduced to a binary
representation, where 1-2-3 and 4-5-6 are represented, respectively, by + or -. The colour
indicates a certain numerical value of one of the die`s sides. The field/process (the throw of
the die) begins in the upper left corner and continues, linearly, as in a Western textual system.
In a continous lineary construction a (pictorial) field arises which also shows a structure in
We tend to consider the concept randomness as some kind of exception or anomalism,
something diffuse and intellectually unreliable, without realizing that what we call random
also includes such concepts/issues as accidental, aleatoric, arbitrary, chance, coincidental,
contingent, hazard, incidental, random, stochastic, heuristic, probability, serendipity and
possibly more examples. We then see that randomness is far from beeing an exception.


PUBLISHING DAY  22.4.2021.2021

G110A                          ED 600

G110B                          ED 900

FIRST DAY COVER                  ED 24.



G103A   DONALD DUCK          ED 1512

G103B   SELF PORTRAIT         ED 900

G103C   ISSUE                       ED 600

G103D   JOHN CAGE               ED 900

FIRST DAY COVER                  ED 26 EACH.



G104A   UNTITLED                 ED 1512

G104B   NEGATIVE ICONS ll    ED1512

G104C   ANGLE PAINTING      ED 1512

G104D   UNTITLED                ED 1260

FIRST DAY COVER                  ED 26 EACH.